Ask a Grant Manager – November 2018

Marie Hale is our Grant Manager for South Central England.

Marie Hale – Grant Manager for South Central England

Marie joined Lloyds Bank Foundation in June 2018, having come to us from Trusthouse Charitable Foundation after a varied career as an Intensive Care and Spinal Injuries nurse,and as an accountant.

“My favourite thing about my job is providing developmental support to charities.  That’s why I came to Lloyds Bank Foundation, so I could have long term relationships with charities even after we finish funding them.”

When she is not working, Marie enjoys travelling, walking and spending time with her family.

Q: Would a grant application be more likely to succeed if governance could be independently assessed and verified against a recognised Code of Governance?

A: Because the charities we fund are small, we don’t want to burden them with additional expectations, so this isn’t a key part of our criteria. When we do our initial assessment of grant applications, what we look at are the needs in the local area, how the application addresses the complex social issues we fund, and at how holistic the support you provide is.

That said, we value good governance practice, and this is reviewed at the detailed assessment stage of our application process. We check charities are registered with the Charity Commission, follow the Charity Commission Code of Conduct, and that the charity has at least three trustees and a code of governance.

So, while having good governance is absolutely a good thing, and something we help our grantees with, we don’t require applicants to do more than meet their legal requirements.


Q: I was told on the phone in August that the criteria for core funding was changing. In our case we are a pan disabled advocacy organisation, including learning disabled. I was told this was being changed so a pan disabled organisation could apply. However, the criteria were not changed. Are there plans for this to change?

A: Thanks for your question. We updated our criteria in June, and this is available on our website.

For Invest – our core funding programme – 50% of your work needs to be specifically on a complex social issue we fund. In this case, 50% of your organisation’s work needs to be for people with learning disabilities.  So, while as a pan-disability organisation you can apply for our funding, you would need at least half of your work to be with people with learning disabilities.

With all that said, we know that life in a small charity isn’t that simple, so we recommend calling us on 0370 411 1223 and discussing the finer details with your local grant manager.

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Ask A Grant Manager – September 2018

Carlos Chavez - Grant Manager for Yorkshire and the Humber
Carlos Chavez – Grant Manager for Yorkshire and the Humber

Carlos Chavez is our Grant Manager for Yorkshire and the Humber. He joined Lloyds Bank Foundation in March 2018. Before working with us, he was a Grant Manager at the Leeds Community Foundation for almost 12 years. In his spare time, Carlos likes to go on walks with his wife and his dog Narla – although he says his three sons have now outgrown walking with their parents.

“I really enjoy working closely with charities not just to provide resources, but the non-financial element of our work is interesting. Not many charities have the opportunity to access the kind of development support provided by our Enhance programme. The ones we partner with really value the opportunity to network and learn from each other.”

Q: Do you think the current grant making environment encourages organisations to deliver too many light touch/short term interventions so the number of people helped is higher, regardless of whether that help has any long term impact?

A: I would agree with that. Most of the grants available are small and ask charities to achieve quick results. To address complex issues, a longer time is needed.

In some cases, this is good – sometimes charities need quick funds to start projects and keep going. But if you want to achieve long term impact, you need to fund long-term. In fact, our new strategy addresses this issue, we are committing to fund charities for longer and provide more flexibility with our funding.


Q: Does the work of a foodbank fit with the qualifying criteria for grant applications?

A: As a stand-alone, the work of a foodbank won’t meet our funding criteria.

However, we would consider funding core costs (including a foodbank) for charities providing holistic support to people experiencing the complex social issues we fund.

For example, we fund Streets2Homes who provide many kinds of support (including washing facilities and a foodbank) to help people experiencing homelessness to find work and accommodation.


Q: How can I get Generators and Forklifts Maintenance and sales business setup grant funds from you?

A: This is a more complicated question. We can fund equipment maintenance under our core cost funding, providing you meet our eligibility criteria.  We also have our Enable grants to help charities develop, but these don’t cover fundraising or capital costs such as setting up a social enterprise.

I would recommend getting in touch with your local grant manager to discuss the details of your funding request. If you don’t already have their details, you can call our London office on 0370 411 1223 and they will put you in touch.


Q: Do you give grants to charities based in Jersey, Channel Islands?

A: Grants to the Channel Islands are made by the Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands. They are a separate organisation and have their own criteria. To find out more, contact Jo Le Poidevin by telephone on 01481 706360 or email

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