How can you keep it local?

Keep it Local 2

To celebrate Local Charities Day Nick Plumb from Locality shares his Christmas wish list for 2019, why he’s hopeful that the future is bright for local charities, and how charities can encourage commissioners to Keep it Local.

As the festive period rolls in, at Locality, we’re putting the final decorations on our Keep it Local Christmas Tree. Horrendous metaphors aside, we’re working on a number of things in December in preparation for the next stage of our Keep it Local campaign in the new year. This is the campaign we’re working on alongside Lloyds Bank Foundation, which aims to turn the tide on large scale outsourcing. For services that transform lives.

Throughout 2018, through the Keep it Local Network we’ve been meeting councillors, commissioners and community organisations. We’ve heard about new and innovative approaches to commissioning which work collaboratively with the community and community organisations. And we’ve used these sessions to co-design and hone the principles which underpin a Keep it Local approach to public services.

These measures would ensure vital community organisations are able to play a much greater role in the public service landscape. They would enable these organisations to provide transformative services for the communities in which they operate, while reducing long-term pressure on the public sector and investing and reinvesting in the local economy.

The engagement we’ve done in 2018 has provided us with a sense that the tide is beginning to turn. There is a growing movement of local authorities who recognise the importance of doing things differently, who want to take a Keep it Local approach. We’ve seen it through examples like Leeds’s community based mental health service; Newcastle Council’s transparent approach to social value and Calderdale’s wide-ranging support for its community sector.

In the new year, we’ll be asking councils which want to Keep it Local to work with us to make it a reality. Top of our Christmas list this year is a hope that 2019 is the year councils decide to Keep it Local. That this growing coalition of councils inspire others to harness the power in their communities.

Join the Keep it Local Network here

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